Toni_head (150 copyAfter five years of war, I ask myself, ‘Did all of this really happen?’
When you’re in the war, time passes just like minute after minute.
But, when it’s all played out, you ask yourself, “What
happened? Where was I? Where did I lose five years of my life?”
And you answer yourself, “Nowhere.”


Toni was only a teenager when war broke out in Bosnia.  He spent his formative years holed up in a Sarajevo neighborhood that was under constant shelling and sniper fire.  He might have been old enough and angry enough to fight, but Toni’s weapon of choice was a drumstick.   Playing out the war years in Ricochet – a rock band that gave new meaning to the word Underground – Toni would soon meet a UN peacekeeper from Ghana who would change his life forever.