An older woman wearing a head scarf and a face etched by a lifetime’s worth of war and displacement.  This baba happens to be a Serb from Kosovo, living in temporary housing in a sports hall in central Serbia.  But she could be from anywhere in former Yugoslavia.

Old_LadyWomen throughout the region suffered tremendously during the war  – many killed, raped, widowed, left childless, homeless, poor, exiled.
Yet at the same time, it is women who have often shown the most resilience and abilities to rebuild their lives and the lives of their families.

We spoke to a number of women who are finding ways to make a normal life under abnormal conditions:

  • Vlasta and Dusana, teachers who have much to teach about humanity.
  • Uli, a photographer who is helping others to look forward.
  • Mrs. Dodos and her sewing circle.
  • Ankica, raising children in a refugee camp.
  • Branka, an idealist without a country.

Many of their stories are featured in Crucible of Wardocumentary video coming soon.