DOX (Documentary Film Magazine)

Monday, 04 August 2003 by

DOX (Documentary Film Magazine published by the European Documentary Network) (August 2003) Uncrumpling the Cultural Divide Two filmmakers from two different continents recount their experience of collaborating on a documentary project.  Slavic passion and American efficiency had to blend successfully.  LEON GERSKOVIC, originally from Croatia now based in Washington DC, and ERICA GINSBERG, from the US,

Montgomery Journal

Friday, 10 March 2000 by

Montgomery Journal (March 10, 2000) A chronicle of conflict Locals’ documentary seeks to capture essence of recent Balkans bloodshed by Jennifer Jacobson Leon Gerskovic pushed a videotape into a VCR in his small Gaithersburg apartment. A Serbian woman living in Croatia appeared on the TV screen and said she was afraid of Croats, too afraid

Washington Jewish Week

Thursday, 24 February 2000 by
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Washington Jewish Week (February 24, 2000) ‘It can happen here’ Local man makes film on Balkans warfare to educate Americans by Aaron Leibel Leon Gerskovic has a message for the people of his adopted America: Violence, hatred and war could even happen in this country. “I want to show Americans that war is not so

Washington City Paper

Friday, 18 February 2000 by

Washington City Paper (February 18, 2000) The War at Home by Mark Jenkins Leon Gerskovic grew up in the former Yugoslavia and, while still a teenager, worked as a translator for foreign journalists covering the 1991-1992 war in Croatia.  But after moving from the frontlines to the Washington suburbs six years ago, he came to

The Montgomery Gazette

Sunday, 28 November 1999 by

Gazette Newspaper (Montgomery County, Maryland) (November 12, 1999) Filmmaker examines life after wartime: “Crucible of War” looks at life in the post-war Balkans by Chris Slattery He is a talented young filmmaker with an original idea, a Montgomery College film school background and a documentary – almost in the can – that he hopes will